(2015) Interview with Ramon Garcia Perez about Chess4adhd.com

We interviewed Ramón García Pérez author of “ Extension of a Scientific-Sports Project: AJEDREZ y ADHD”, recognized as the best Doctoral Thesis of the Master in Organization, Management and Administration Of Sports Entities of the Polytechnic University of Valencia. This Thesis is based on our project.

In London Chess Conference we meet Ramon, as he is a part Of the Spanish expedition of the project and we proceed to ask you some questions, about your thesis, the work … we hope you find them interesting.

Nicolo Napoli : “Ramon tell us a little about the prize you have received”

Ramón García “At the end of November I received an award for my thesis at the X Gala of the Master in Sports Management of the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

I am very grateful for it to Cesar Iribarren, Jose Gomez, all the teachers and my companions of the IX Edition.

In the time that has lasted I have not only received excellent training, but also enjoyed much while learning and improving, which is key to finish meeting the goals set.

I also want to thanks Luis Blasco de la Cruz and his project launched through Chess Club 64 Villalba, “Chess4adhd.com”, on which I based my dissertation. I hope my work has been helpful. “

Nicolo : “Tell us what you think of the chess4adhd.com project now that you know it firsthand”

Ramón: I think it’s a great opportunity to demonstrate scientifically that chess brings great social and health benefits. At the same time, students in the project can benefit from This project to progress in its day to day. In general, chess4adhd.com seems magnificent to me wherever you look.

Nicolo: “ Your opinion on the articles that chess is magic and solves all problems in a matter of a short time …?”

Ramón: When it comes to problems and above all related to diseases, talking about quick fixes or shortcuts is to fall into a serious error. And a problem solved, especially when we talk about something more affordable than chess. To say that chess solves social and medical problems in a short time is, in my opinion, not only a very serious mistake, but a sad way of Play with the need (and sometimes desperation) of affected and family that seek to improve their quality of life.
When this happens, I think there are two basic reasons:
1. Not knowing exactly what is being talked about with such statements, which may lead to the error of following indications that are not only ineffective but also counterproductive.
2. Put a short-term economic benefit above the needs of those affected. Both options are very sad in my opinion and when I sometimes read certain things that have a little of everything, I dare to say that besides being misleading is almost criminal.

Nicolo: “What would you tell parents of children with ADHD about this project”

Ramón: I find it difficult to address parents who, for sure, take years and years first trying to understand the problems that their children have and secondly, Improve the quality of life of their children, especially at the medical level, with a lot of effort and money invested.The only thing I could say is that chess is a special sport, different, with special repercussion in psychological issues, and that in this project, Praised and contrasted by different entities and specialist psychologists, will have the opportunity to get a tool and a constant work supervised constantly with psychologists, where the results obtained to date are the best guarantee and guarantee to test a new option to improve the quality I would also tell you that like any serious and quality project, the results are not seen from one day to the next, and only through constanc And work with a suitable tool, is when you see the results.

Nicolo: “Do you see it interesting and feasible to implement the project in the Valencian Community?”

Ramón: Of course I do. Of that viability I speak precisely in my thesis, but I do not
Only in Valencia but anywhere. Unfortunately, there are many children affected by ADHD, and sure as soon as the project is implemented, we will be able to help children who join the classes.

Nicolo: Thank you very much Ramón and welcome to the project. ”

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