Our work in the ADHD world began in April 2012, with a project arising from a collaborative proposal at the Collado Villalba Local Council for Children and Youth From that moment on, in a concrete collaboration agreement between the Club Chess 64 Villalba and the Town Council of Collado Villalba to develop it, divided into 2 facets (medical and educational ) Bearing the name of CHECK MATE ADHD.

The Club Chess 64 Villalba was in charge of designing the methodology, the content of the classes and of imparting the same ones, developing a specific work using chess as a working tool and searching A specific objective, the improvement of the students, all under the direction of Luis Blasco de la Cruz .

This project included a study by specialists from the Health Center of Collado Villalba, in which the Club 64 Villalba participated.

The Consistory gave a place to teach classes and carry out the project, and provided scholarships so that the children requesting access to the program, registered at Collado Villalba could attend the program at no cost to them.

(Antena 3 TV in Chess Club 64 Villalba)

This project achieved great notoriety; In the media was reflected, leaving even in the Telediario of Antena 3 in the rest of the European Cup match between Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund. This video mentions specific techniques of our methodology of working with children.

This project was developed from April 2012 to June 2013.

Throughout this time, specific workshops aimed at children with ADHD were given in different locations in the Community of Madrid, not as normal chess courses but as specific content workshops and work with these children.

All of these courses were taught by qualified instructors of the Chess Club 64 Villalba who, in addition to having a degree in chess, received their training in ADHD subjects, this training was done in part by CADAH FOUNDATION with a course INTERVENTION OF ADHD IN THE CLASS , which reinforces the specificity of the courses and the dedicated content of the courses. He also attended all the talks and conferences held by APDE SIERRA to improve training and knowledge about ADHD .

Several congresses and conferences were organized (Eg Jornadas de Navacerrada), and participated in several events (eg Masters of Chess of Bilbao) in which the project and the work carried out were disseminated.

(Luis Blasco interviewed by Leontxo Garcia about the Project in Masters de Bilbao 2013).

In October 2013 a new project is created with its own identity, which is focused mainly on the educational, psychological and pedagogical aspects, which is the area in which we work and have our main knowledge.

The new project is called CHESS4ADHD.COM

(Teacher participant in Scholastic Conference during Chess Olympiad in Tromso 2014)