Chess4adhd Project

Learn a little more about our project on chess and tdah, awarded and recognized at European level for its functionality and degree of satisfaction.

In October 2013, the Club Chess 64 Villalba began a new season of our specific program of work aimed at children and adults with ADHD using chess as a work tool.

The project is called CHESS4ADHD.COM

Psychomotricity as an element of work in our project.

Our goal is to get children diagnosed with ADHD, improve their attention, control their hyperactivity, improve their calculation, social relationships, get better grades, have a more controlled behavior in the home and school, not receiving notes Of bad attitude. All this with chess as the main resource. We also work, taking into account their specificities, with adults diagnosed with this disorder.

We use chess as a tool to teach classes and as a means to get attendees to improve their skills, which does not imply that these classes have anything to do with the sport-competitive section of this discipline.

Our methodology is to use the rudiments of chess, changing the objective, content and form to achieve other specific objectives.

We use exercises: calculation, counting, memory, thinking, photographic memory, ordering, valuation, as well as other exercises and techniques, with which we encourage work in different areas to improve the student.

(Exercise to overcome barriers.)

All this process is accompanied by health professionals, specialists in these matters,

We intend to take the project to the national level and for this we have the Chess Federations, Parents Associations of children with ADHD, and we are willing to value the proposal of collaboration of any entity or institution that wishes to participate in it.

Currently we teach classes in Collado Villalba, Alcorcón, Madrid Capital, and we set the bases for developing the project in the socio-educational field of other towns and cities in the rest of Spain. All this through the work with the parents associations of children with ADHD, through collaborations with municipalities and express request of educational centers.

The Director of this project, Luis Blasco de la Cruz , was appointed in October 2014 during the Tromso (Norway) Olympiad in the framework of the Chess Commission in Schools ( CIS – CHESS IN SCHOOLS FIDE ) of the International Chess Federation as Advisor specialized in ADHD and Educational Needs at School (SEN).

The Chess Club 64 Villalba is in charge of the organization, management and execution of the project in all its extension, and is recently incorporated to it, to execute it in other parts of the national territory Madrid Chess Academy , an academy specialized in promoting, developing and managing educational projects from Chess.

The medical advice is agreed with the General Hospital of Collado Villalba and with the group IDC Salud , throughout its area of ​​incidence. In addition we count on the incalculable value of the advice, guidance and accompaniment of the associations of Parents of children with ADHD.

The Rey Juan Carlos University and the European University will soon be joining our project, reinforcing the areas of research and teaching.

So far the degree of satisfaction for the results obtained where we have made our intervention is very high.

We must clarify that it will always be important the motivation and involvement of parents and students, as well as work and dedication, no methodology without the active participation of all can achieve its goals.

(The Parents attend with their children to class to share the activity and to form itself.)

The project has been awarded in London Chess Conference 2015 as best social entrepreneur project of Chess.

In 2016 we continue with the same commitment and enthusiasm, participating in the month of February in the Conference of Chess in the Schools in Brussels together with the best European educational projects. It was an honor for us to be there.

If you are interested in receiving training, doing a workshop-conference or doing in your center our project contacts us.

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