Madrid Chess Federation

Madrid Chess Federation (F.M.A)

Federacion Madrileña de Ajedrez

Madrid Chess Federation (F.M.A.) has supported our project since its very beginning and followed closely the level of rigor with which the Chess Club 64 Villalba , and its president and director of the project Luis Blasco de la Cruz , have faced the challenge and developed in a professional and successful manner this methodological tool, which gives response to a social and educational need that is quite present in our families and educational centers.

With the start of the school year 2015-2016, this federation will open a classroom at its headquarters in the clown Fofó Street in the city of Madrid, to teach classes and activities related to the project;

Madrid Chess Federation (F.M.A.), recognizes the specific work of this project, which uses the chess as a tool when working with students in a specific way about ADHD, while not being a normal chess course.


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